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Vibrant and self-sustaining apologetics communities defending the Christian faith in every nation and every language.

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We equip and guide adventurous Christians on apologetics missions, empowering emerging leaders with the Why Behind the What to create self-sustaining apologetics communities around the world.

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-Catalyze Adventures-
-Build Relationships-
-Equip Emerging Leaders-
-Empower Communities-

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Ben's Story

Ben wasn’t always a Christian. Far from it. His engineering- and scientifically-oriented mind convinced him that any notion of “god” or the supernatural was the backward thinking of an obsolete age...

Kristen's Story

Kristen was raised in church and Christian school. She had about as much God as anyone could get but still missed the point. She was a Christian because it was the most exclusive, figuring that if she was wrong she'd still have been good enough for whatever heaven existed, if there was one.

Doug's Story

Doug grew up in a Christian household, although it didn’t amount to much more than Sunday church services. He later fell away from church attendance in college. But . . . God never let him go. He will tell you that he’s never been lonely because he’s always sensed the presence of the Lord. He slowly became more actively involved in his faith despite careers that moved him around the world.

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