Become an Adventurer

Embark on an upcoming adventure


Join our small teams on an upcoming apologetics mission, bringing your passion for the why-behind-the-what to leaders and communities who are excited to embrace apologetics. Together we will plan, prepare, provision, and GO! Experience how God can use your gifts to help others discover answers for the truth of Christianity.

Fuel an Adventure


Provide the fuel that makes these missions possible. Each adventure includes project and travel costs that need senders to bring to reality. Your donations will have a direct impact on raising up apologetics in communities that most need it.

Assist the Adventure from home


Not ready to travel? No problem–we need basecamp adventurers whose role is to reinforce the work we do on-mission. So much of what we do is digital and remote, and that opens the door to participate from the comfort of your home. Whether it is training, mentoring, or coordinating, we need people at home to reinforce our missions.

Inspire a new Adventure


See an opportunity to take apologetics on-mission to a new part of the world? Talk to us! We love creating new adventures, developing new relationships and networks, and expanding the reach of apologetics around the world. Connect with us and together we can design a new adventure in apologetics!

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