East Africa - What to expect

Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania have a young but growing apologetics community, represented in several ministries, churches, and leaders. Kenya is best known for Apologetics Kenya who have an active YouTube ministry. Uganda is the home to the African Center for Apologetics Research (ACFAR), the premier counter-cult ministry in Africa, as well as Veracity Fount, a new ministry dedicated to training leaders in theology, doctrine, and apologetics. Rwanda has the African College of Theology, a center for apologetics training. Tanzania is fertile ground with representatives from ACFAR and former RZIM apologists active there. What is most needed is better visibility amongst the different ministries and opportunities to partner and leverage their respective resources.


2021 October – Uganda Scouting Mission

Destination: Kampala, Uganda and Ishaka, Uganda

Dates: October 24-November 9, 2021

Team Size: 1

Funding Need: Travel $3500/person; Project $4500 total

- Develop Pillar development and visioning in Ishaka,
- Visioning with ACFAR, Veracity Fount, former RZIM leaders, PDN
- Potential pillars
- Plan Leaders Summit Conference 2022

2022 May – East Africa Apologetics Leaders Summit

Destination: Kampala, Uganda and Ishaka, Uganda

Dates: May 2022

Team Size: 5

Estimated funding need: Per person travel and project costs $5200 ($3500 all-inclusive travel plus $1700 project costs)*

- Catalyze East Africa Apologetics Leaders Summit 2022
- Ishaka Firehose Seminars
- Hiking expedition to Rwenzori Mountains National Park



*Travel costs may vary depending on place of departure and airfare at the time of purchase.
*Individual contribution to project costs may vary depending on final projects and total team size.

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