Hawaii - What to expect

Hawaii is the gateway to the Pacific, and home to some of the most active volcanic activity in the world. Mauna Kea on the Big Island is the site of the Keck Observatory, an amazing instrument that has provided much of our scientific understanding of the creation of the universe. There are a few apologetically-minded churches and ministries in Hawaii, it needs more. The opportunities are there for pillar development and chapters of apologetics ministries in the churches and universities of Hawaii. The testimony of the dynamic geology, the biological diversity, and the beauty of the islands provide a tangible experience of God’s creation.


2022 October – Science and the Hawaiian Islands
Destination: Honolulu and Kona/Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Dates: October 2022
Team Size: 7
Funding Need: Travel $2500/person; Project $3000 total
- Firehose Science Apologetics Seminar
- RTB/Ratio Christi Chapter Development-Honolulu
- Keck Observatory Tour and Apologetics Significance
- Volcano Hike and Geological Seminar

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