What We Do

Catalytic events to connect regional leaders


Apologetics is a globally necessary tool in the toolbox of every evangelist, but not everyone is aware that there are answers to peoples question, that there are other people asking the same questions, and how to find answer. We bring together regional leaders who are asking similar questions, to raise awareness of (1) the problems that arise from evangelism without apologetics and of (2) the tools available to answer the questions asked by the unreached.

Adventurous mission trips to equip regional influencers


We work with energized communities to create seminars, conferences, and workshops that will equip regional leaders with the tools they need to equip their communities with answers to the questions that are relevant to their cultural context. Our trips are systematically planned and our adventurers extensively trained in cultural application and content delivery through our custom adventure boot camps. But not only do we want to equip global communities, we also want to further equip our equippers so a part of every adventure includes a field trip wherein we take a detour to see God's handiwork manifested in creation or history, in order to further energize our equippers love for God.

Foster long-term relationships between qualified apologists and energized communities


Not your traditional one-and-done mission trip! Our adventurers are invested in the communities they venture to, long after they have returned home. Through online platforms our adventurers continue the mission in monthly meet-ups with their partner communities, where equipping and community building strengthen the bonds between equipped and equippers, resulting in a long terms self-sustaining relationship of mutual growth and edification.

Remove educational and technological hurdles to sustainability and growth


We recognize that sometimes the barriers to equipping communities are financial. In order to reduce obstacles to self-sustainability, we partner with certificate programs, colleges, and universities to provide scholarship to raise up qualified and credentialed pillars in global communities. We also partner with technology leaders to provide equipment to communities so that they can continue the equipping in our monthly virtual sessions long after the initial equipping is complete.

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