Why We Do This

Ben Clifton

Ben has always been on adventure.  As soon as he could walk, his parents carted him all over Europe in a VW bus.  He spent his youth on the atolls of Micronesia, returning to Washington State to pursue a degree in electrical engineering and computer science.  This set Ben off on a 30-year career of electronic display innovation.

Ben wasn’t always a Christian.  Far from it.  His engineering- and scientifically-oriented mind convinced him that any notion of “god” or the supernatural was the backward thinking of an obsolete age.  Thankfully, he married Joey, who encouraged him to come to church with her. Four years later, at 33, Ben gave his heart to Christ.

It took a while for his mind to catch up with his heart.  Seeking to reconcile his new-found faith with science, Ben discovered a little book titled “The Fingerprint of God” by Hugh Ross.  He discovered apologetics and was hooked!  Ben’s academic pursuit of apologetics culminated in a master’s program from Biola, and he now teaches and speaks in the Pacific Northwest. 

Ben’s first trip to Uganda was in 2017, where he discovered that the people of Uganda are just as hungry for answers as he was. Returning in 2018 and 2019, he partnered with several East African ministries and universities for intensive apologetics seminars.  The vision for taking apologetics on-mission was birthed during these trips.

Off-ramping a career in technology, Ben joined the staff of Eternal Impact where he served as director of ministry and innovation for 5 years.  Always cultivating the vision for taking the Why Behind the What on mission, he launched Adventurous Apologetics with Kristen Davis in 2021.

Kristen Davis

Kristen was raised in church and Christian school. She had about as much God as anyone could get but still missed the point. She was a Christian because it was the most exclusive, figuring that if she was wrong she’d still have been good enough for whatever heaven existed if there was one.

But that was not sustainable and so when she went away to college she fell away, not from any arguments against the faith, rather just from a lack of sustainability given her lack of roots. Through a series of events, she ended up in a creation science class and a biblical archaeology class, both of which answered a host of questions she hadn’t even realized she had. As a result, a desire to share what she had learned was born.

Kristen has studied World Religions in India and Biblical Archaeology in Israel. She has done apologetics mission work in South Africa for many years. Her passion is to defend the truth of Christianity through the use of both philosophy and archaeology.

She is the Founder of DoubtLess Faith Ministries, the President of Eat Steak Not Cake, and the Co-Founder of Adventurous Apologetics. She speaks internationally; is an Associate of Associates for Biblical Research, an Adjunct Professor of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, and an Adjunct Professor of Ethics and New Testament at Southeastern University’s Jacksonville campus. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in Religion. She has a Masters of Arts in Christian Apologetics (Highest Honors) from Biola University, and is a Candidate for a PhD in Philosophy of Religion at Southern Evangelical Seminary where her dissertation research is on the intersection between artificial intelligence and the existence of God. She is also the Director of Systems Integration for a division of a financial tech company. Her websites are: www.doubtlessfaith.com, www.eatsteaknotcake.com, www.adventurousapologetics.org.

Doug Anson

Doug grew up in a Christian household, although it didn’t amount to much more than Sunday church services. He later fell away from church attendance in college. But . . . God never let him go. He will tell you that he’s never been lonely because he’s always sensed the presence of the Lord. He slowly became more actively involved in his faith despite careers that moved him around the world.

Doug and Mija (his wife of over 40 years!), actively raised their two boys in a Christian environment. Despite the difficulties of career moves, they always found a church to worship in and share their faith with fellow believers. However, when their oldest son walked away from his Christian upbringing during college, Doug was heartbroken and guilt ridden.

He asked himself (and the Lord), what did I miss? What questions of his did I fail to answer? Doug then did a “deep dive” into his own beliefs and asked: What do I believe, and why do I believe it? In addition to wanting to put his faith on firm theological and intellectual foundations, he sought ways to reengage his son in faith matters. This led him to study apologetics. He obtained a master’s degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola and now teaches, speaks, and writes on apologetic subjects . . . and he’s having positive worldview discussions with his son!

Doug is retired from two careers: military and science. He spent 33 years in the Army including service in Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq. He also spent 22 years working at Los Alamos National Laboratory (overlapping with his Army reserve service). He and Mija moved over 20 times due to Doug’s work—they’ve certainly led adventurous lives! Doug is a West Point graduate with graduate degrees from Stanford in engineering and from the US Army War College in National Security Studies. He joined Ben and Kristen in their apologetics adventures in May 2022.

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